I write novels, screenplays and shorter journal based works.

I often mix biography, fiction and theatre.

Recent collaborations with Jason Quinn include:

Gloria Goes it Alone, 2011

Get a wiggle on, stock up on giggle water and high-heel it over to Palace Studios. Visit an era of glamour, sex, sleaze and scandal!

Leeds LS80, 2011

LEEDS LS80 conjures up a city under a shroud of fear and proves that an adolescent lust for life will overcome even the deepest night terrors if there’s a promise of true romance¬†on the other side. Not since Spandau Ballet stopped wearing kilts has life in a northern town been so raw and exciting.

Try before you buy! Leeds LS80

The Palace of Wonder, 2011

Bawdy, bloody and brutal the Palace of Wonder is home to eunuchs, psychics, thieves and dollymops and where murder waits within it’s wings

Try before you buy! The Palace of Wonder

The Palace of Wonder Screenplay

Lord Dunno, 2013

A blog and a half…and then some

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