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Welcome back!


Since returning from Hamburg in November ’23  I played David Rubin in the Play Car Crash written and directed by my son Bruno at The Barons Court Theatre London in December.

A great cast, and a great play

I am currently reviving the part of Marc in ‘Art’ until mid-Feb before going on to film an episode of Ink Black Heart, a Cormoran Strike mystery written by JK Rowling, for the BBC, directed by Sue Tully.

I returned from Hamburg in November where I was appearing in ‘Ben Butler’ by Richard Strand to some fantastic reviews. Playing the role of Ben Butler is one of those challenges we relish as actors.

Onstage from the opening line to the end for two hours, can you get the audience on your side from the off and take them with you on your journey through the story?   Having great actors alongside you and a great script made that possible. When that happens, it’s the greatest job in the world.

Having an Italian passport is certainly a bonus for any actor currently spending a lot of time in Europe searching out good roles and I am very fortunate to have found a creative home in Hamburg. The English Theatre has been very generous in offering me some great projects and its a pleasure to work with such a creative team producing the best shows we can.  

This is my sixth appearance since 2022.  Starting with 39 Steps, and then being invited back to play Magwitch and Joe Gargery in Great Expectations,

staying on for the next production, Romance in D playing George Fox. In June  I was asked if I would like to be involved in the Summer festival at the Theatre bringing our production of Happy Jack by John Godber over for  3  performances only. Shortly after I was sent the script for Ben Butler and asked if I was interested in playing the title role. It’s a cracking script and a great part and I am here until November  4th loving every minute of it.

In between the Hamburg engagements I managed to fit in the play Art by Yesmina Reza playing Marc, Happy Jack, (again!)

and another open-air Shakespeare production, playing Launce and The Duke in Two Gentlemen of Verona

for  Bowler Crab Shakespeare Company with whom I  played Antony in Antony and Cleopatra the year before.  I was also in front of the cameras again too, playing Max Barlow in the forthcoming new season of Grace for ITV directed by Brian Kelly.


Was exciting and busy. I was back in front of the cameras playing coppers again and had a great time back in Bristol filming ‘The Girl Before’ for the BBC

I also made further inroads into directing. Performing in and directing the UK premiere of John Patrick Shanleys ‘Prodigal Son’ to great acclaim with my son Bruno in the iconic role of Jim Quinn.


I also had the opportunity of playing legendary French actress Sarah Bernhardt as part of a series of monologues written by Janet Goddard entitled Victorian Women in Bed.


 I have always loved the poem ‘V’ by renowned Leeds poet and playwright  Tony Harrison.  I was granted permission to perform this as a one man show by Mr Harrison,  and with producer friend John Knowles of Fetch Theatre we presented it last February in Hastings.

It proved to be very successful and consequently I was invited to perform it at the Leeds Lit Fest in March. Taking this work back to my home city was a dream come true and the reaction was extraordinary

“An Incredible performance of Tony Harrison’s ‘V'”

-Leeds Lit Fest 2019 –

“A powerful performance that deserves to travel the Country.  ‘V’ works on so many levels”

-Anthony Clavane – Writer journalist broadcaster –

“Emotion blazed off the stage as Magnanti brought out subtle shades of meaning through his empathetic delivery.  V is often characterised, wrongly, as an angry polemic, but it is in fact much more about love, regret, identity and the passing of time.

One of the many highlights of an outstanding first-time citywide literary festival, this was a fitting tribute to a great Leeds writer.’

Yvette Huddleston – Yorkshire Evening post

“As one of the organisers of the first ever Leeds Lit Fest in 2019, I was particularly delighted to have Jonny Magnanti perform Tony Harrison’s iconic and rarely performed poem V in Leeds. It was one of the highlights of the festival for me personally and many of the audience. Jonny’s performance of V was intelligent, empathetic and passionate. I can wholeheartedly recommend this performance.”

Fiona Gell – Organiser Leeds Lit Fest

Buoyed by this success, we are looking to take V to other Lit /Poetry festivals and Theatre’s throughout 2022.

The past past…

After leaving the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1987 I have enjoyed challenging roles in a variety of demanding works such as my  stint in the epic contemporary drama Three Winters, at The National Theatre, directed by the late, great Howard Davies. I am also experienced in television and film alongside years of corporate work and commercials.

I got into voice overs professionally in 1997 where, over the years, I have voiced television campaigns, radio, corporate, narration for the BBC and Discovery Channel, audio books, children’s stories, dubbing and ADR. Whilst working in Hamburg I provided a voice sample for record producer Milocerus on his chart hit  for Starwash entitled Disco Fans.

I now have my own voice studio producing high quality voice overs and narrations and I’m currently represented by Leigh Matty and the team at Just Voices.

I began writing in 2008 with Jason Quinn, a lifelong friend from Leeds. Under the name Quinn Magnanti we have written four novels, screen plays and story boards for graphic novels.

My current solo writing projects include theatrical diaries that blur fiction and fact to comic effect.

I have always kept myself fit, playing all sports but mostly football to a high standard.

I now live with my family and dogs on the idyllic rural East Sussex coast.

You can also find me at: